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Facebook Marketing Tips 2017 | Blog SearchNative
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11 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business We all know that Facebook has become a dominant player in social media with over 1.7 billion users around the world. And these users access it at least once in a day. 1.7 billion is not a small figure & there are more possibilities of a business where the users are joined & active. Startups have got the biggest boost with the help of Facebook. They are using Facebook as their biggest medium to find the business. Further, it is completely free and gives one, a access to connecting people from all around the globe. The demographic restriction gets eliminated which facilitates growth in business to a great extent. Now the question is how you can boost your business through Facebook marketing? We are going to discuss few features of Facebook which can help your business (startup and mid-big size business) to increase reach and growth over a period of time. First, be on Facebook is not just enough; you have to be engaged with the target audience & share the updated information.

1. Free Advertisement

Facebook is a free website and provides you the opportunity to connect with whoever you wish to from around the world. It is the second most popular website after Google with around a billion users. If a business wishes to promote its brand, product, service to a wide range of people then Facebook can essentially be called as the best platform for creating great business opportunities. The biggest advantage about all of this is that it is absolutely free and does not cost a single penny. But, I would say you have to be creative & innovative to be engaged with your target audience without sales pitches. See how Deepak Tea has shared a creative post by using a quote. ChaiWala
There are a lot of methods through which you can promote your business like running a contest, informative or how to articles, special discounts etc. Alternatively, your target audience should feel to be involved in to either like, comment or share it.

2. Build and Maintain Relationships

The most exciting opportunity which Facebook provides is the chance to build and maintain relationships with your current or potential clients. Build and maintain relationship with Clients How you can leverage it? It is something like happens in the reality. If you meet someone just once, that person wouldn’t accept you as a friend. It takes some time to build a trust. The same happens here. Your friends or potential clients who are not interested now may change their mind in the future and support to your brand, product or service over the time. You make sure to keep posting likeable content that will form a genuine bond with prospective clients.

3. Improves your SEO

SEO is gaining its importance as businesses are moving in the digital space. Therefore, there is more competition in terms of improving your website SEO. There has been a hot topic for discussion within industry experts of whether social media marketing impacts on your website SEO or not. The one part of them says it doesn’t impact it but does on business branding. The other part of it says it impacts. Have a look at an article has been published on Social media's affect on SEO We also believe that it helps in SEO but it depends upon how you promote your business on the Facebook page.

4. Drive Traffic to your Website

Facebook provides an option of linking your business website with your Facebook page which helps in redirecting traffic. Even if a small chunk gets redirected successfully from the Facebook page to your website then it can contribute in a considerable way to better your business. Creative facebook banner - City Estate Management Actually, it doesn’t happen immediately after setting up Facebook page. The first step for your business is to brainstorm with the team to create engaging content and make the calendar to share. Your target audience would start to like/comment/share and the posts’ reach would increase over the time. As it attracts more target audience, it helps to drive traffic to your website.

5. Strengthens Customer Relations

Facebook provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers in a great way. It gives you the advantage of connecting in a casual setting rather than a business setting. One important thing to strengthen customer relation is to keep an eye on your social media accounts. Whenever the prospective clients comment on the post or send an inquiry, you or your Customer Care Department should reply to them humbly within business hours ASAP. This strengthens the relationship with your existing clients & leaves positive impact on the prospective clients who visit or go through your Facebook page. Look at below, how Aamchi Mumbai response to comments asked by Facebook fans. Strengthening customer relationship by Aamchi Mumbai Some of them wouldn’t like to post directly on the comment so they will send you the private message. You should keep checking your notification on regular internal to response within a tentative time. Look at the message we received for one of our client Pinopen. This creates an opportunity to build trust with the prospective clients. Customer private message through Facebook Page In this way, you can remain in constant touch with your customers through Facebook.

6. Get Insight & Improve your Business

One of the most important aspects of having presence a Fan page is the opportunity you get page insights. See below image: Facebook insights for growing your business First, you can customize the date to get an insight of particular time duration to understand the prospects behavior during festive seasons. You can get an overview of all the metrics of a fan page on the dashboard with the comparison. You can see a detailed analysis of particular metric when you click on the left-handed side. There is also a graphical view of each Facebook post’s reach & engagement in the insight report. This gives you an indication of which type of post gets more engagement. Apart from this, you can export these data to understand more insight of your business target audience. And, leverage it in your future promotion activities to connect with your customers directly and solve their queries. People are very open to their liking, disliking and experiences on Facebook. So it will be easy for you to absorb all the feedbacks and improve your business accordingly. More interaction with your customers will help in enhancing the quality of your business.

7. Video Promotion

One more reason to consider Facebook for your business is Video Promotion. Comprehend your audience’s demographic & interest and target them in the video promotion. See how Connect India reached to more target audience & increased brand awareness by creating appealed content in form of video. Connect India - Facebook video promotion More and more businesses are opting to promote their business by making creative videos and have been succeeding to be engaged with the target audience. But, your content should be cool enough to grab a lot of eyeballs. For e.g. Thrillist created an ad which got 27 million views in 2 days!

8. Testimonials/Reviews

If you have a Facebook fan page then you can get reviews from your customers. It always leaves a good impression on the prospective clients when they realize how satisfactory service they received. See Nimba Nature Cure page, it reflects how well they treat their clients. A person who goes through this page will be left with a positive impression and certainly try it once if interested. Testimonials written on Facebook Nimba Page

9. Promote an Event

Facebook has this amazing feature which enables you to invite people for event promotion. It also enables you to set reminders and have discussions. Once you have an event page in place, you can then see who is going to attend your event, who is not and who is not sure. See a sample event created for NObesity. Event Promotion through Facebook Once it is created, run Facebook event ads to reach target audience, which may turn in your guests. In case, if you like to promote event without paid promotion, it is recommended to increase likes & engagement on your fan page first. otherwise the created event page would be less effective. If used effectively, Facebook can be an extraordinary platform to promote events.

10. Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click)

Before you pay for any kind of social media advertisement, it is very important to know your marketing objective. It is the most important step towards the better output. See & select the best one from below: Facebook PPC for different marketing objectives Once done, you should select the best combination of age, gender, locations, interest, etc. to achieve fruitful business objective. This ad will be shown on the right column of the Facebook page & in the news feed. The target audience will have the option to like your page apart from dealing with your business.

11. Best for ROI

Facebook is the most preferable platform for your business ROI. Why? As a brand, the main reason is persistently stay in touch with your existing & prospective clients. This audience is always keen to receive business updates of product/service information, offers etc. from Facebook fan page. Once you share on your page, they are more likely to buy it. That would be turn in more business. If you don’t have enough audience on your page, you can create Facebook ads campaigns and target interest & demographic according to your business. This again helps in boosting your ROI. In both ways, there are more chances of getting higher ROI for your business.

Conclusion As businesses all around the world are growing at a rapid pace, they also need to be at par with what really excites their target audience and plan their strategies accordingly. We hope this article has helped you in understanding how Facebook can be used for effective marketing. We would love to read your views on this blog, experience or anything you wish to add.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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