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2017 Updates for Facebook Fanatics - SearchNative
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Updates for Facebook Fanatics

Social Media geeks must pay attention to the latest updates that the net is buzzing with in order to strategize their marketing plans and stay ahead of their peers. Most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, etc showed some fascinating developments in 2017.

Let’s check few of the updates that had been integrated into Facebook the previous year.

Cover Videos

Cover videos have become an enticing way to connect with the audience. Videos give a window to generate a comprehensive summary of the brand. It allows the company to convey their story vividly to the audience, thereby achieving more engagement rate.

Record GIFs within the App

Short clips aka GIFs had enabled users to upload a small video on Facebook, way back. However, in 2017, uploading live GIF option using the camera was integrated into the app, making it easier for the user to upload the live-GIF directly.

Closed Captions for Facebook Live

Pitching the audience that is hard of hearing or rather deaf, Facebook has started closed captions on live videos that aids such public to understand the content without any issue. Engagement rate has increased multifold with the normal audience also preferring to check out live videos that have captions.

Updated Ads Manager

Ads Manager has been updated with a new workflow that enables the creation of draft campaigns of ads without adding ad sets. Additionally, the confirm changes of the adverts are now easily available for review. It is the last step of assurance to avoid any mistakes in running the campaigns. Furthermore, one can now integrate activity history and different charts from the Power Editor.

Rounded Profile Picture

The square shape of Facebook profile picture was changed to round in August 2017. This shift was made to increase the appeal of the profile image.

Animated Profile Image

Facebook is planning to bring still profile pictures to life by providing subtle animation to it. For instance, the profile image may respond to the reactions like a smile, laugh, cry etc.

Pay on Messenger

Another intriguing feature that has been added to the Facebook messenger is the payment option. Integration with Paypal allows invoices to be sent directly to the desired destination. This payment method can be activated within any chat thread on messenger.

Messenger with 4K images

The 4K images which most of the smartphone cameras support have also been rolled out in the Facebook messenger to improve user experience and enhance engagement rate.

Snooze instead of unfollowing

Unfollowing or unfriending someone is offending to most of the people. Keeping this in mind, Facebook came up with a snooze option that allows users to mute someone without notifying them about having been snoozed. One can mute a particular profile or page for a day, a week or in fact for a month.

Block Ads from Pages with Fake News

Pages that share fake news ads have been banned by the Facebook. This stance was taken by Facebook to stop advertisers that use ads to increase traffic to their page.

Explore Feed

It is an exclusive feature added to Facebook navigation menu that lets people discover more content of their interest on the social network. ‘Explore feed’ doesn’t restrain the user to wander into the same content that is shared just by their friends or the pages they follow. It rather recommends content that one might like or is of their interest.

Eventbrite Integration

This integration of tool now lets users add their event and make the tickets available for the audience directly on the Facebook Event Page instead of wandering them to another link or profile. This feature is specifically introduced to increase the reach.

Now order food using Facebook

Facebook has introduced an alluring option of ordering food online. The complete procedure of order to check out happens on the Facebook app itself without the person being diverted to another link.

The small hamburger icon that says ‘Order Food’ in the main navigation lets users place delivery orders or pickups from restaurants signed up with Slice or

Social Media Updates of 2017 for Facebook have been pretty interesting. With a plethora of changes integrated into it every year, Facebook had been incessantly working on becoming more user-friendly and attractive; setting the benchmark for other social media platforms to follow the same.

It has always managed to stay the most preferred option for the majority of the world to remain connected; and apparently will, for the next decade as well. So, all the marketers out there – be informed, for it can affect your new strategies!

AUTHOR: Gautam Sharma

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