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2019 Expected Trends in Mobile App Development - SearchNative
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2019 Expected Trends in Mobile App Development

With technology taking a greater leap, the expectations are on the all-time rise. 2018 has been a great year where many of the technologies got obsolete while some evolved at a rapid rate. Now, we are going to enter 2019 and with respect to India, the expectation from trends in mobile app development company Ahmedabad are also increasing. With this pressure, let’s discuss the possible trends that we may witness in 2019.

So, it goes without saying that Digital Marketing For Business is or profound importance.

Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT has created quite a stir in various fields. Thus, it is expected that mobile app development may get collaborated with Internet of Things. This will not only enhance the experience of users but also the users will be able to get control over the smart gadgets because of the unified nature of application. The demand of IoT connected smart gadgets is expected to increase because these gadgets can work without any human intervention.



The combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is being referred to as Hyped Technologies. This hyped technology has contributed a lot to the game app development company which has indirectly compelled the companies to hire Indian app developers. These developers are coming with new ideas to merge AR and VR with mobile apps to enrich the user’s experience and provide the users with great features.



Chatbots have gaining a great significance in the technological field. They are emerging as an integral part in developing mobile apps. These chatbots enabled apps are allowing the users to get real-time experience. Basically, these chatbots are much like virtual assistants and work without any sort of human interaction. It is expected that in 2019, there will be an exponential rise in the chatbot enabled mobile apps.


Artificial intelligence & Machine learning:

Since its evolution, artificial intelligence has been taking leaps to update itself and is helping the mobile app developers to give a rich experience to the users by providing a high quality features. AI and machine learning are helping to simplify various services. This collaboration of AI and machine learning is working to give real-time analytics which is much needed in business. This may lead to an increase by a minimum of $40 billion by the end of year 2019.


Wearable apps:

After the smartphones and other smart gadgets, there has been an existence of wearable apps. By 2019 end, it is possible that the wearable apps may reach its peak. According to the report issued by Business Intelligence, it is expected that the market of wearable apps may see an increase of 35% by the year 2019. This is because these wearable apps are trending at a higher rate. Smartwatches are not only giving a new look to the personality of the user but also becoming an integral part in various fields.


Mobile payment:

Since most of the banks are providing online services, it is expected that the year 2019 can see a hike in mobile app development for making different modes of mobile payments. With the immense popularity of Paytm in the market, it is hopeful that more competitors may soon emerge in the upcoming year. In accordance with a report issued by BI Intelligence, the mobile payment can reach up to $53 billion by year 2020.


These are some of the expected trends that may be witnessed in 2019. At the same time, it is essential to hire Indian app developers because they are well-versed with the needs of Indian customers. These developers are well aware with the upcoming technology which may benefit the Indian customer.

AUTHOR: Gautam Sharma

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