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4 Advantages of Video Marketing for Businesses and Marketers - SearchNative
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Due to the recent advancements in the technology, customers have developed a unique connection leading to the myriad innovations in mobile, social platform and engagement marketing approaches. Several automation platforms have risen prompting the businesses to make use of the most updated real-time analytics to augment the way to engross each customer.

The traditional form of advertising has fairly progressed into the realm of content marketing. Tailored content is substituting the one-size-fits-all approach of yesteryear’s marketers. As we move forward, every marketer is looking to shift to video marketing for business. The benefits of video marketing are not only for peer-to-peer content sharing and broadcast media, but also for brand-to-customer communications in both B2C and B2B markets. Reading further, you will find why video marketing can be useful for the growth of your business.

Key Advantages of Video Marketing

Video marketing is considered as one of the most adaptable and lucrative digital marketing tool today. Here are four different reasons why marketers should opt for video marketing.

  1. Outreach to Millions of Clients

    Facebook – A Leader in Social Media with 8 Billion Views

    As the statistics reveal, the growth of video marketing has been on an escalating trend ever since its evolution. Amongst the popular social media network, facebook itself has accounted for a huge count of 8 billion video views per day. Today, these figures have surpassed the counts observed in yesteryears. Though there are opinions that Facebook videos autoplay, adding to the view counts, however recent updations have enabled users to stop or switch on the autoplay as desired.

    YouTube – Holds 4 Billion video views per Day

    With the popularity of smartphones and its usage, people have been accustomed to seek information on their fingertips. In such a case, an informative short video can do wonders for a person who wants to know the product prior to making a decision to purchase it. From the very first day of the existence of YouTube, users have been uploading one hour of video every second. As the time has passed, there has been an increase in the uploading of videos every minute as close to 25%.

    Even though there are plentiful video sharing websites that permit you to upload videos, YouTube has always been the most popular site for videos and holds a large user count. As of today, the active user count at YouTube has crossed 1 billion. This makes it possible for you to expand your outreach to thousands of people on a daily basis.

    Apart from the enormous user counts on the several social media platforms which maybe close to 2.1 billion, what makes it more popular is the easy mode of sharing the videos. For marketers, promoting their services on these active social media platforms augments the chances of outreach several times. There is an increase in the count of sharing if the video content is found Interesting to the users.

  2. Effective Engagements Ensured

    Comments Rising Significantly on Facebook Native Videos

    As Quintly, the social media analytics provider, reveals in its recent publication, the video format of Facebook has dominated the entire social network with about 92% of the scrutinized profiles used at least one native video in their promotions. The study also states the native videos on Facebook have received more than 530% extra comments as compared to those received on YouTube videos. This study analysed over 187,000 Facebook profiles covering almost 7.5 million Facebook posts during the period of January – July 2017.

    Make choice of Interactive video ads

    Several studies conducted to review the advantages of video marketing show that interactive video ads prolong the extent of time consumers devote with the brand of their choice, creating above 47% boost in time spent on the ad against non-interactive ads. As the interaction from consumers rises, the brands expel three times more the time spent by their consumers by using 15-second interactive ads. This makes the ad more than 32% more memorable as compared to the non-interactive ads. The most remarkable fact remains that these figures stayed consistent across gender and age demographics and among several varied industry segments.

  3. Creating a Brand Worth

    It has been observed that over 82% of users watch video content on Twitter on their smartphones, which is a highly significant number. Video marketing is a powerful today for promoting business, it is well perceived that video on Twitter today is itinerant, triggers innovation and engages with its users.

    Followed by the suit, Instagram has recently updated its mobile feed to create more space for videos. The application has been updated to make video playing, a memorable experience for its users. The reason that users are more engaged with video content must be the major factor contributing to the evolution.

  4. Videos Boosts Conversions on Landing Pages

    It is evidenced that video added on a landing page increases their conversion rates hugely by 80%. To make video marketing a success, the effective step can be adding the promotional video to your landing pages. The quality, content, the relevance of the videos to the page will make the video marketing most effective. The content should cover the gist of everything a marketer would like to share with his customers. Make sure that appropriate calls to actions are placed evenly throughout the video. The videos on landing page help boost SEO and the marketer grabs a 40% higher click-through rate as compared to the rest of the pages.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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