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The Biggest Mistakes that Email Marketers Make and How To Avoid Them
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Email marketing is one of the most significant and cost-effective communication medium in the digital marketing world. An organization can easily inform the people about your business and other updates through e-mailers. This is the one factor which plays an important role in building loyalty and trust.

But what happens if the e-mailer goes wrong?

We all know that mistakes do happen. But sent to thousands of people at once, it is not possible to bring back those e-mails. If there is a serious mistake, you may have to resend the correct e-mailer with an apology. And this is not at all good for your business. This will hamper its credibility.

So, these are the common mistakes that e-mail marketers do… 

1. Non-compatible e-mailer for mobile devices

This is one of the biggest concern for the digital marketing industry as the world is shifting towards ‘mobile-first’ approach. As per research, nearly half of all the emails (48%) are opened on the mobile devices. So, your e-mailer must be compatible with all types of mobile devices, to render a uniform and swift experience.

Email Marketing Mistakes Statistics

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It could be done in two ways. Either you select the e-mail platform which will help you with templates which are compatible with all devices or you can create a simplified e-mail template which will look good on almost all devices.

2. Poorly drafted e-mail subject line

People will not see your e-mailer first! They will see the subject line in their inbox first. And if this subject line is not appealing enough then the chances of the e-mail getting opened will reduce drastically. So, it is important to tell the people what will they get by opening the e-mail.

Poorly defined Email Subject Line

[Image Courtesy: Marketo]

Also, It has an additional impact on reaching the primary inbox. The less your e-mails are opened, more are the chances of getting considered as SPAM by Gmail. So, this is the very first step of e-mail marketing. You must choose an e-mail subject line which has all most important words front-loaded, and which describes the exactly what people will get in the e-mails.

Email Marketing

[Image Courtesy: Digital Ready]

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3. Too many e-mailers sent frequently

Nobody likes to be spammed! That’s a fact. e-mailers are still considered to be a sophisticated and informative means of communication. This is why people give it importance. If you send e-mailers too often then eventually people will stop reading them altogether. According to a survey, the biggest reason why people unsubscribe from marketing e-mails is ‘they receive e-mails too often’.

Reasons for unsubscribing emails

[Image Courtesy: Marketing Charts]

Sending too many e-mails will result in two things… One, people will not open the e-mails and then Gmail might put you in the spam category. Or two, people will unsubscribe from your mailing list. In both the case, it will impact badly on your campaign.

4. General/ Impersonal e-mails

People like to see personalized e-mails. It shows that the sender has spent some time in personalizing it. And this creates a distinct value for them. The people will know if there is a generic e-mailer sent to everyone or it’s a special one for them. You can send impersonal e-mailers but always keep in mind that personalization will yield you better results.

So, study the respondents and their details such as name, age, last purchase, etc. and refer to them at suitable places. It will help you build trust and long-lasting relationships.

5. Poor segmentation of the e-mail list

Delivering the e-mails to people’s primary inbox has become tougher over the time. Gmail classifies all the e-mails in three broad categories… Primary e-mails, Social e-mails, and Promotional e-mails. It is necessary to maintain a good reputation as a sender otherwise your emails might end up in spam folders of people.

Poor segmentation of the e-mail list

[Image Courtesy: Marketo]

Make sure you reduce hard bounces, negative engagements, and avoid being placed on a black-list. Maintain a good e-mail list hygiene and create a clear segmentation of email ids where you experience soft bounces, ids that are role-based accounts, and non-engaging accounts. Strategize separately for each segment through re-engagement campaigns. 


Being a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we know the importance of running e-mail marketing campaigns. And we understand how important it is for a social media agency to maintain the sender reputation for their clients. This is the reason why any e-mail marketing campaign needs to be optimized for the best results.

These were the common mistakes that e-mail marketing agencies need to avoid to run a swift and effective campaign. If you think you need to consult an expert for creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including e-mail marketing, contact SearchNative India today!

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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