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SearchNative offers foolproof protection to your high profile data. We have an excellent facility in ensuring the authenticity of sensitive information at our premises. We offer relentless service in maintaining the credentials without the interference of the third party. Regardless of the type of data, stringent security measures are adopted with state-of-the-art technologies. Disclosure of content and unauthorized access can never be realized at our backyard. Contact information and e-mail ids will be preserved without any tampering effects. Prior authorization from the customers will be sought if any such need arises.

General rules

  • The invaluable resources of the company are categorized according to certain critical priority. This ensures identification of invaluable data grouping.
  • The security aspects and procedures will be audited internally to increase the credibility of the organization.
  • Employees are educated with the security system. The negligence of workforce towards data security will be curbed by rigorous monitoring. Through adequate control points, the safety of the system is restored.

Technology Enhancement

  • The variety of software products is deployed to check the authentic flow of data.Monitoring tools should be versatile enough to catch the irregularities.
  • All the systems are incorporated with highly resistive firewall components.
  • The advancement of cloud computing is used for flexible backup and reliable services.
  • The deployment of specific software protects unstructured data such as business contracts and letters.
  • Non-disclosure agreement for employees and clients
  • CCTV and fire alarm provision all over the campus for monitoring.
  • Fingerprint system for employee monitoring

The clients will be informed about the provisions available at our end to ensure confidentiality. If the data is communicated on request, proper channels will be agreed and relevant control mechanism will be adopted before the data exchange. The agreement will portray the nuances of rules and regulations. The employees too will be educated about the whole confidentiality process. The terms and conditions will control the ex-employees from using confidential data.The internet and intranet connections are checked for security concerns. Integrity and privacy are maintained by using advanced encryption standard.

Confidentiality information is the heart of any business pursuit. The information can be either a hard copy or soft copy of the highest relevance. The company provides a tremendous facility of cabinets and higher-end hard disks to store them effectively. The enterprise provides a holistic way of data protection.

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