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Customization of Subject Lines for Successful Email marketing
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Somewhere or the other you must have come across an email stating ‘Biggest offer of the year’ or ‘10% off especially for you’ that intrigued you to buy the product or register for some services. These are the E-mail marketing strategies effectively used to create brand awareness and increase the conversion rate. Instead of generalizing the message and broadcasting it to the mass, email plays a significant role in reaching out to the target audience personally. An email campaign can be easily tracked for its performance by delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, open rates and click through rates. Businessmen can easily afford to market their products or services at an absolutely minimalistic cost compared to other social media marketing campaigns. With highest ROI email marketing also incorporates CTA that enhances the probability of customer conversion.

Though there are various methods for marketing, like – website, SEO or social media but inbound marketing avails excessive advantage via emails if you know the buyer’s persona and their purchase decisions. Indeed it becomes easier to target the audience with the subject that they might be surfing the net or require more information upon. Email marketing helps the people to stay connected to your company and products. Engagement rate also increases if the subject of the email is in favor of the customers.

Moving on to how subject lines matter when drafting a mail, here are some factors that affect the success of email marketing.

  1. Personalization of Subject Lines

Emails with subject lines that directly address the recipient are reflected to establish an instant personal connect. According to a research, you are more likely to open an email that has your name on it than the one that is generalized. When crafting a subject message, keep in mind the following aspects.

  • Mention the name of the recipient in the subject line.

Eg: Cody, Lenovo has new software you wanted

  • Target personal interests and last purchase

Eg: Weekend offer – Get this now before it’s gone

  • Use keywords like: upgrade, just, go, monthly, congratulations, wonderful, promotional, free delivery, news, weekend, available 
  1. Length of the email and subject lines

How likely are you to open an email with a long subject line?  Honestly, it depends if the topic is of your interest or generates curiosity in you to know more.

Subject lines can be short, long or medium length. The decisive factor for its effectiveness is:

  • The medium through which emails are being read

Mobile displays just 35 characters on screen and rest is cut off, outlook displays upto 73 characters whereas Yahoo mail allow 46 characters.

  • The industry it is targeting

Retail industry profits more from short subject lines.

Well, on contrary to the earlier researches that showed short lines are catchy, long subject lines are currently known to generate more curiosity. Their open rate is also high compared to short or medium ones.

  1. Emojis

Usage of emojis in subject lines can be beneficial for:

  • generating interest
  • Saves space on screen – for mobile recipients
  • Conveys emotion
  • Uniquely stands out in Inbox

Note: Don’t use emoji if you have a serious brand

  1. Offers and Promotions to Appeal the recipient

Email is a relevant medium that can include a description of your product/services and CTAs to generate leads. However, offers should be strategically placed in the subject lines that entice the target audience to open the mail.

Eg: Subject line: Our biggest sale of the year

CTA: Our biggest sale of the year. Upto 70% off Winter Clearance

  1. A/B Testing

Testing is the only way to analyze your results. Be wise enough to first test and then use the better performing subject line. A/B testing helps to compare two variants of the subject line to judge its appeal. So, it is advisable to create two to three subject lines to determine the performance of the variants and select the better one.


The crux of the matter is to create a catchy subject that not only shows urgency but also generates curiosity in the recipients and appeals them emotionally and needfully to eventually open the email. Consider the goal to be achieved if the recipient reads the email and reverts you back. SearchNative, the best digital marketing agency in ahmedabad has always helped their client with the email marketing strategies and implementation. Do you want to achieve success, contact us!

Please share interesting subject lines that appeal you the most. For more click here

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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