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How Twitterati reacted to the news of Google+ to be shut down
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Google+ To Be Shut Down

For all who are not aware, Google+ is Google’s fourth attempt to create an internet-based social network. Google launched Google+ in 2011. The point of Google+ was for users to share and post their photos and various statuses, have internet based chats, a video calling feature called Hangouts and various other features that helped people connect and keep up with their friends’ lives.

Google+ had more than 500,000 users. But everything went downhill from there. Google+ was forced to shut down after a massive security breach. There was a huge glitch which exposed the data of many of the users to external developers. Google couldn’t confirm which users were affected by this bug, but they did confirm that it was about 500,000 users who were likely to be impacted.

It was after this day that the Google+ hashtag started trending and took Twitter by storm. A lot of users poked fun at Google+ and made jokes and memes with regards to the same on the social media platform, Twitter.

A lot of users even wondered why Google+ was around so long. Ever since Google announced that they were shutting down Google+, Twitter has been filled with Tweets of people making fun of Google. Many hilarious one-liners were made with using the top trending hashtag, Google Plus.

But this is not all.

Twitter was flooded by not just one or two liners that made Google the but of all jokes with the top trending hashtag, GooglePlus. People even tweeted funny memes and gifs which expressed their opinions on this matter in a hilarious manner. Well, let us just say it is best for you to see these tweets which contain various hysterical memes which are a very creative way for people to express how they really feel about Google’s faulty social network, GooglePlus.

Some of the funny Tweets that poked fun at Google for its faulty social network Google Plus are :


These tweets are a classic example of Google getting taunted for their broken social network. People took to Twitter not only to voice their opinions but also to make fun of Google, as Google is one of the largest companies in the world was not expected to make a mistake with this magnitude.


AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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