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YouTube SEO: How To Rank Videos on YouTube (FAST)
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How To Rank Videos On YouTube

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Do you upload videos to YouTube?


In this post, I will show you EXACTLY how to rank videos on YouTube.

In fact, this is the exact process which is followed by so many ‘YouTube influencers’.

So, if you want more views, subscribers, and traffic to your YouTube videos. You will love reading this ‘YouTube SEO tutorial’!

Let us START!


How To Rank Videos On YouTube:


1. Find keyword using ‘YouTube suggest’

You already know about Google suggest.

Similarly, YouTube has its own YouTube suggest.

First of all, note down all the keywords coming in your mind for that particular video.

Now, simply head over to YouTube and start typing your main keyword, you will see the list of similar keywords which you can use in your video tags/ description.

how to rank videos on YouTube

The ‘YouTube suggest’ keywords are GREAT.


Because these are the queries which are searched by actual people and if YouTube is suggesting these keywords, they are 100% useful.


2. Publish a high-retention YouTube video

If you want to rank your videos on YouTube, you need people watching your videos for a long time.

The amount of video that people watch is called Audience Retention.

…And YouTube has officially announced that ‘Audience Retention’ is a HUGE ranking factor.


3. YouTube Video Optimization

You have probably noticed that now YouTube transcribes your videos and believe me or not but they are damn accurate in that.

So, how can you optimize your YouTube videos?


SAY your target keyword’ in your videos.

Now as you know, YouTube will transcribe your video and when they will FIND your targeted keyword.

Your video will be optimized and you will have better chances of ranking.


4. Promote your YouTube videos

In the above 3 steps, we talked a lot about how to rank videos on YouTube using YouTube suggest and by increasing audience retention and lastly by optimizing YouTube videos.

But one IMPORTANT thing we missed here!

YouTube cannot measure all the things mentioned above, if you fail to get initial video views on YouTube.

So, below-mentioned are some actionable techniques that you can use to get targeted views on your video.

  • Answer on Quora and other forums sites
  • Share it on your Instagram and Snapchat stories
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Attach video link in your email signature
  • Embed your videos in your blog post
  • Use Youtube playlist efficiently
  • Optimize your channel page

So, these were some amazing tips to increase views on your YouTube videos.

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So, this was all about – YouTube SEO: how to rank videos on YouTube.


You will find a lot of articles on the internet, which only gives you “KNOWLEDGE” on how to rank YouTube videos but if you’re really looking for some “ACTIONABLE” tips to rank videos.

This guide will definitely help you out!

This tutorial will not only help you to RANK better, but it will also help you to generate more views, likes, and comments on your Youtube videos.

If you need any help for ‘Digital Marketing/ SEO/ SMO/ PPC’, you can contact me here.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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