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6 Actionable Tips To Implement Voice Search In Your SEO Strategy
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voice search seo strategy

A decade ago, nobody knew “what is voice search?”.

But today, technology has changed so much so that half of the mobile searches/ queries are performed via voice search.

Now, 50% is not a small number.

In fact, the future of SEO is voice search.

So, there is no reason for still not implementing it into your SEO strategy.

But you must be wondering how to implement voice search in your SEO strategy?


So, in this post, I will give you 6 actionable tips to do that.

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6 Tips To Implement Voice Search In Your SEO Strategy:


1. Website Crawlable

You must ensure that your website is easily crawlable. Search engines are not humans. They understand their own language and you have to design the structure of your website in that way only.

So, to create a proper structure of your website. You must take care of following things,

  • Schema Markup
  • XML Sitemap
  • Site structure
  • Mobile SEO friendly website

These things are the foundation of voice search optimization strategy. This increases your chances of ranking for voice search queries.


2. Create conversational content

People type search queries differently and they do voice search differently. Where in type-based search queries, it’s all about keywords.

But, voice search is more conversational in nature.

So, from now on, you must include a conversational tone in your content. This will help you to rank better for voice search queries.

The sites using conversational long tail keywords tend to rank better for voice search queries.


3. Add a FAQ page to your website

8 out of 10 queries performed via voice searches are questions.

So, a well-structured FAQ page will really help you to rank better in SERP.

Moreover, it’s the best page on your website which people love to visit whenever they have any doubt regarding your product…

…And as people really love your FAQ page, similarly Google also loves it and ultimately rewards you for that.

So, create a FAQ page for your website, and from now on, whenever users ask you any question regarding your website/ brand, add it to your FAQ page and share the link.


4. Add Reviews

People love reviews.

So, do Google and other search engines.

In fact, according to MOZ study, online reviews contribute 10% on how sites rank on search engines.

The simple logic is, reviews influence the buyer’s decision and 90% buyers have voted that online reviews helped them to buy the product.

As you all know, the Google’s main ranking factor when it comes to content is relevancy and nothing could be more relevant then reviews/ feedback.

So, try to add reviews to rank better for mobile search queries.


5. Utilize Google My Business

Do you know, Google offers a free service to list your business on Google i.e Google My Business.

It will help you to rank in Google business listing as well. This has helped many businesses to get inquiries and leads so far.

But the only condition is, you have to optimize it. You have to enter every detail like, Name of your business, working hours, address, contact no, photos, and even reviews.

If you need any help in doing that, you can comment below and I will help you out; or you can also contact me here.


6. Optimize for local SEO

Voice search queries are location specific also. So, for example, when you’re looking for the nearby mobile store.

You might search “ok Google, where is the nearest mobile store?”.

…And as long as your GPS is on, Google will show you the results of nearby mobile stores.

So, you have to optimize your website for local SEO as well. In fact, it will also help you to boost your revenue.

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Voice search is the future which is not going down anywhere soon. People love to do voice searches instead of typing the queries.

It’s you who have to change the methods/ SEO strategy accordingly.

Your website should be in answer mode. So, when users ask questions, your website should pop up and answer that query.

If you need any SEO services and want to make your website voice search friendly. You can contact SearchNative.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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