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Importance of Online Presence for Brands in Digital Age - SearchNative
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An online presence for any brand or business is so much more than just setting up a website with company details and logo. Online presence in today’s time means so much more than that! It offers a common platform to educate your current and prospective customers about your business, to connect and interact with them and increases the potential of your brand to grow exponentially.

Rise of a Digital Era

With the increased availability of internet and evolving technologies, more and more people have come to rely on the internet to look for products and services. Businesses have now identified this audience behavior and have already adopted digital marketing strategization as the most vital part of overall business’ marketing strategy

Digital marketing now plays a crucial role in bringing the audience close to business brands. Therefore, every brand that has an online presence utilizes efficacious strategies through various platforms to maintain an appealing image in the eyes of their target audience. Without an appealing image in the online world, brands will be unable to entice and attract customers and gain success. Online presence opens many doors for brands in the form of new business opportunities, increased reach, improved customer relationship, and so much more.

There are few brands that are apprehensive about spending their hard-earned capital on building an online presence. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone with an offline presence and marketing their products and services using traditional means. While traditional marketing is something that cannot be completely disregarded, relying only on it means they are losing out on many lucrative opportunities that online business can offer. Businesses with offline presence are accustomed to traditional marketing activities like printing ads in newspapers and magazines or even using large billboards. One of the primary disadvantages of traditional marketing is that it can only reach a limited audience and is static. There is no way to connect or interact with the audience. Moreover, its results cannot be easily measured; in some cases, it cannot be measured at all. Add to this that traditional marketing methods are much more-costly compared to digital marketing. Digital marketing offers complete control of ads to the marketers, something that traditional marketing lacks.

Let’s look at few examples that show how a well-planned online presence can impact a business. Consider the online presence of Starbucks Coffee. They use social media platforms to announce new aspects of their business. They even utilize these platforms to perform certain business functions that could otherwise have been little bit difficult.


As shown in above image, Jet Airways and many other brands look to resolve customers’ query in a single tweet that can be qualified as improved customer service.

Many hotels and restaurants also keep track of their reviews on social media platforms or other online channels and respond to them offering quality customer service using online channels.

Below is an example of a café and apple service center Caffix with an online presence in Ahmedabad that keeps track and responds promptly to customer reviews on Zomato.


There was a time when Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were used for the sole purpose of branding. Now, the ad campaigns on all these platforms offer numerous functions such as driving traffic to your website, increase newsletter subscribers, generate leads, drive conversion and so much more.

These campaigns, if used wisely, can have a huge impact on overall business. Social media has empowered business owners and marketers to reach out and cater to a wide net of audience thereby amplifying their brand in the market in such a way that would not have been possible by traditional means. You can build your own social media team or hire a social media agency to enhance your social media presence.

If you are still on the fence and stuck in the bubble of traditional marketing, now is the time to introduce your brand to the online world and make the most of the lucrative benefits that online presence offers.

If you are planning to build a brand online, take support from the best. Get in touch with SearchNative, a Digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad that can push your business into a hyperdrive in this digital age.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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