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Important Points for E-commerce SEO to improvise in 2017
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E-commerce is seeing the benefits of search engine optimization that gives a strategic approach for planning and improving the visibility of a website, tactically defining the best description for your site. SEO is quite effective in bringing the quantity and quality of traffic to your page. E-commerce SEO makes it easier for the company to draw customer’s attention to your site instantly, by lining it up in the top few searches of the search engine. The demand for better e-commerce strategies is rigorously increasing with the soaring competition among shopping sites. This mandates business men and marketers to indispensably stay ahead of their competitors.

Improvise on the below-mentioned factors and methodologies:

Back link analysis is perfect approach to track the links that help disclose the patterns and techniques of your rivals with which you can also attain the same number and quality of links. A deep analysis on the prominent presence of your competitors can give you an insight on what and how the company should plan to gain those relevant and efficient links.

A strategic approach one can follow is:

  • Search competitors that have authoritative inbound links (a good amount of research is needed by studying the websites, pages or blogs)
  • Learn the pattern that they follow to acquire quality links.
  • Try and replicate such practice that can save you loads of time.
  • Companies can find experts and people that are related to their business and can provide direct links or resources to fetch those much-needed quality links.
  • Tools like Majestic and Moz’s Open site explorer can make your task easier as these provide you with the back links your competitors have hard earned.

Featured Snippet

Have you ever given a thought on how that product comes on the top of your search engine each time you write the same keywords?  Or have you noticed that small description that comes on top of the webpage after submitting your query in the search engine?

Oh Yes! That is the one I clicked upon….

This turns out to be the most specific content to user’s query that the Google or any other search engine finds from a certain webpage. And this is the main point to focus upon.

When the content is specific and gives to-the-point answers, it becomes a ‘rich answer’ to the user’s search. This includes the link or website from where the data was taken thus making it the top search of the engine. This small information is called Featured Snippet.

E-commerce SEO should be made more effective keeping certain key points in mind:

  1. keep the content very specific and acute
  2. Set up long keyword search answers – format the content in a way that includes answers to the questions searched
  3. It must include added information related to the questions generally searched by the customers.
  4. Make the blogs, articles or any product information related to the search very useful so as to get more clicks and attract more audience.

Use a light Website as heavy websites or webpages that take time to upload, lose customer’s interest very easily. The user would not linger on the site that takes 30 seconds to load! People look for quick results and generally would click back to search for another easy option. In such case, the site loses its possible customers. Thus making it an important aspect of E-commerce SEO strategies.

With the advent of smart phones, most of the people prefer online shopping through this tiny yet much useful device. To keep the engagement rate of the customers high and make the purchasing method easy, the website should support mobile versions as well.

‘Trust’ plays a key role when it comes down to transactions through a particular website. Safeguarding customers’ confidential bank details procure customers’ faith in your business.

Shopping Carts are also SEO friendly options that help bring customers directly to the products they need.

Sites secured with SSL are considered most safe and thus come into the preference list of Google. Moreover, switching to HTTPS according to Google makes the site best for security reasons. So, better make HTTPS version if you are creating a new company website or renovating the previous one.

URLs on an E-commerce site should guide the users correctly through the webpages, thus, should be short and relevant. It must be keyword optimized and should show the product name instead of digits, in the search.

For example:

/product.php?id=24601 is a bad URL while  /les-miserables-dvd-24601.html is the appropriate one, vividly describing the product keywords, that is being searched.

The sites should also check for 404 errors. This should be performed regularly due to heavy traffic that draws towards e-commerce site on a daily basis. 404 error leads to broken links that give poor user experience. This lists the site under ‘low quality’.

To avoid this error, the page should use 301 redirects that redirect visitors to a new page without breaking the link.

Canonicalizing the page correctly, helps in avoiding any kind of duplicate content to be taken by the web crawlers. There are many URLs that may seem quite similar to the URL of your original content page, to which the crawlers get confused and possibly direct users to another webpage. Canonicalization chucks off this issue and brings the customers to your original content page.

Another feature that may help indirectly in e-commerce optimization is Google Analytics. It tracks the transactions and thus links revenue to proper optimization of webpage.

Hope this was helpful! Please share your comments….

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AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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