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Landing Page That Converts: 5 Pro Landing Page Tips 2018
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Landing Page That Converts

Do you want to grow your EMAIL list?


Do you want to increase your SALES?

The answer is ‘Landing Page’!

Landing pages are a great way to attract & nurture new customers, educate them more about your products and ultimately drive conversion/ sales.

The landing page will also help you to build customer loyalty and increase profits at the same time.

So, in this post, I will give 5 pro landing page tips which will help you to create the ‘landing page that converts’.


Who should read ‘Landing Page That Converts’ guide?

This guide is for the people who wants,

  • To grow their email list
  • To drive more sales and conversions
  • To promote premium products
  • To promote webinars
  • To get more registrations
  • To set-up lead generation page
  • To promote ‘offer ending soon’ page
  • To promote ‘about me’ page
  • To promote ‘launching soon’ page
  • To promote E-book sales page
  • To promote ‘freemium’ products
  • To promote video lesson page
  • To promote ‘Contests’
  • To sell courses

So, if you fall under any of the above categories, this post is going to be the GOLDMINE for you!

-Now, let us look at the top landing page tips that you must implement while creating a landing page.

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5 Top Landing Page Tips:


1. Determine your goal

All landing pages are not SAME!

So, before creating any landing page. You should determine the goal/ purpose first.

Whether you want,

  • Signups (to grow your email list)
  • Sales (to increase profits)

So, by keeping the goal in your mind. You should create the landing page.


2. Consider your audience

No two customers are the same.

You know that!

So, instead of showing generic landing page to each and every customer, who visits your website. Try creating several different landing pages for different audience each targeting to a specific portion of your audience.


3. Use beautiful image

An image speaks a thousand words!”

Use images which people love to see for a long time on your landing page.

Use high quality “eye catching” background image to easily grab the attention of your customers.

If you want to download free high-quality images for your landing page. You can use unsplash and pexels.


4. Write compelling copy

Copywriters write the best landing page text which actually converts. So, you should not hurry while writing the copy of landing page.

You should give it a deep thought before you write content for the landing page.

Content should be concise, on-brand, and relevant to your audience!”

You should focus on,

  • What should be the “headline”
  • What should be the “body copy”
  • What should be the “CTA” (so it gets more CTR)
  • Finally, What should be the footer

So, you have to brainstorm this thing properly.


5. Include detailed product information

This is the last but the most important landing page tip.

Whether you’re collecting email ids or you’re selling products through the landing page, but conversion is only possible, when you cover each and everything about that product.

This will create the TRUST!

…And most important, people have the curiosity to know/ read more about product before buying it.

So, you should include detailed product information.

Let us understand this with “Redmi Note 5 Pro” example.

Suppose, they want to sell “Redmi Note 5 Pro”. So, on their landing page, they will include following things,

  • About Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Dual Camera specification
  • OS specification
  • Screen display specification
  • Battery performance
  • Why it’s lightning fast phone
  • RAM information
  • SIM card information
  • Accessories

They will cover every minor thing about that phone which customer might want to know before buying it.

So, it’s your responsibility to tell your customers what makes your product/ business unique.

Remember the golden rule,

Storytelling often leads to CONVERSION!”



So, if you want to create ‘landing page that converts’, you must follow above mentioned 5 landing page tips.

Landing pages are a great way to connect with your target audience and drive more sales and conversions.

So, if you want more clicks, more signups, and more sales for your business, don’t forget to follow above-mentioned tips.

If you need any help in designing the best landing page that converts more. You can contact us.

Don’t forget to share this post with your social media friends on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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