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LinkedIn Updates: Social Media Enthusiast Should Know About
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Linkedin Updates

With the day to day changes and evolutions made in the technological world, it is very important to remain updated and equipped with the same. And on talking about social media, the evolutions did not spare even that.

A lot has happened in the year 2017 and one must get acquainted with the recent advancements made on a social media platform. LinkedIn is one prominent social media platform and thus needs equivalent consideration.

LinkedIn Smart Replies

The conversations carried out on LinkedIn holds the potential of fetching you numerous opportunities, be it introducing you to your potential employer or getting indispensable advice from a peer from your industry. However, the bitter truth is that all this demand your time and attention.

Being responsive to the receiving messages proves to be a challenge at times. And that is where LinkedIn’s new feature comes to your rescue!

To save your time and to help you send quick, easy responses to your connection, LinkedIn has developed the smart reply suggestions. With machine learning, LinkedIn prompts a few replies that can be sent quickly in response to the incoming text.

At most, three messages are suggested based on the kind of text you have received. Initially, the reply suggestions are limited to just English language on the mobile app. Few years down the line, other languages are also planned to be introduced.

LinkedIn Video

With better communication, you generate a better and wider network. And with this scope in mind, LinkedIn established the video feature in 2017.

That way, marketing on LinkedIn gets a lot better and convenient. Now, sharing ideas, views, starting new conversations and demonstration is easier than ever.

Active Status of LinkedIn Messenger

In order to keep track of when your connections are available for interaction, LinkedIn introduced the active status feature. At times, when one is stuck in the dilemma about when is the appropriate time to deliver information or interact with connections, LinkedIn’s active status are of great help. You get to know who is online and communicate accordingly.

A tiny green dot on someone’s profile picture indicates that the person is online on LinkedIn and is available to interact. A green dot with a white circle in the middle implies that the person is online on mobile only.

Comment Management on your posts

A comment on a post is the best mode of expression of one’s views towards a particular cause or issue. Comments, in a way, help you reach out to a larger audience base and exchange ideas on various platforms. LinkedIn also allows the user to have control over the comments on their posts.

At times, it might happen that someone comments irrelevant stuff on your post that is in no way associated with your post or is not at all useful to any individual. You can remove such comments and also disable comments on certain posts of yours. You also get to remove mentions on various posts’ comment section when you don’t wish to get engaged.

Modified Search Features

During the beginning of 2017 itself, LinkedIn with its updated search feature. There is one single search box provided at the top of the LinkedIn page where you can look for people, jobs, companies, groups and so much more.

This update also introduced a few power features. They are:

  • First name- Users can look for members by their first names.

  • Last name- One can also look for members with their last names.

  • Title- If you are looking for people who have one particular job title, you can search for that as well.

  • Company- People working in a particular organization can be looked up for with the updated search feature.

  • School- Search for your schoolmates with just the name of your school or college and know more about their professional background.

With all this and much more, LinkedIn gifted professionals from all genres an advanced version professional network. Indulge in the updates provided and widen your work network. Good luck!

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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