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Your Prolific Aide Enhancing SEO - AMP/
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Nowadays, a majority of people are shifting towards the internet in their pursuit of the desired products and services. They prefer to figure out the specifications, product/service reviews and ratings prior to making a decision to effectuate the purchase.  Several businesses have built dependable and credible digital existence.  This has aided the community to look forward to the internet for authentic information. The leading search engine used by the internet users is “Google”.  It attracts the largest amount of visitors and thus, the traffic resulting is the highest. It is thence needed, that the right information and keywords are used in the information placed on the website in order to boost the ranking of your website. Enforcing organic SEO will accrue the prospects of ranking bigger in Google, as it is the most acclaimed search engine.

Eventually, the next step was towards the mobile friendly web pages. Google launched an update that optimized the mobile search engine and offered a top-notch mobile experience to its users. At the same time, if the browser pages do not load faster on mobile, it hinders the use and can prevent the users from enjoying your content.  It is then where the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) comes to the rescue.

As defined by Google, “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful, and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.”

The main objective of creating AMP was to offer faster loading of pages and at the same time enhancing the user experience. WordPress and similar plugins are typically tried by the users to get quicker variants of the web content which can load at greatest speed. AMP has proved to be beneficial for the users in several ways. To understand the importance of AMP in SEO, we have prudently selected the following top-notch ways how AMP can help the users.

  • AMP helps the web pages to load faster for mobile devices to reduce the degree of rejection and upsurge conversions.
  • Improved search engine ranking – The search engine ranking for the website developed with AMP will be amplified with greater rankings as compared to slow loading sites.
  • The AMP symbols in green are now being displayed on the Google SERPS in order to draw the user’s attention. Specific keywords ensure to increase traffic through AMP pages.
  • AMP upkeeps a greater leeway for the advertisers. It serves as an ideal pick that offers speed as well as upholds the content to capture the attention of users.
  • AMP aids you to analyze the behavior of visitors on your website and helps you to automatically view, monitor and analyze data such as visitor counts (including new as well as returning), clicks and conversions.

For a digital marketing agency, the prime objective would be to create an excellent user experience for their users. The elemental technical model of the AMP, it deftly evades content blockers that halt the display of ads.  The AMP symbol on the Google page will give your pages the Google will give your AMP pages distinctive performance as compared to the other sites.


It is quite visible, that AMP can place your pages higher in the rankings, with speedy, amusing and mobile-friendly web pages. It can benefit your business to get upheld beyond old-fashioned search outcomes.

Most companies prefer using Google Analytics to collect, organize and track the data for our clients majorly for the reason of its reporting capabilities. The analytics helps to integrate and showcase the real time data into a user-friendly dashboard. Web analytics is an important measure for business as you can assess where the traffic is initiating from.  It delivers statistics on the lead conversions and the source of these leads.  The reports help you to assess the ideal period, the category of post, keywords to boost your posts on your website depending on traffic.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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