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Reasons - Organic SEO is not the Only Thing to Grow Your Business - SearchNative
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Search engines are the best friend of everybody! They bring answers to the most important questions and they can provide the means to reach almost everything. This is the reason why every business in the digital world is trying hard to get a better ranking on SERPs.

But just a good SEO strategy is not enough!

Everyone knows that you can improve your site’s ranking using SEO techniques. But if you try to see a bigger picture, there are a lot more things you can do to effectively improve your business prospects. As the technology changes and we move closer to the ‘Mobile First’ era, the way people use the internet has changed. There are new features and functionalities added by the search engines and social networks every now and then, and being aware of such development can give you a unique shot at success.

These are some of the latest development which could help…

1. Four PPC ads on the Google SERPs

As per Moz report, the 4-ad blocks accounted for one-third of the top ad lots by the end of February, 2016. These ads have been highly successful because they are prompted as per the keywords searched by the user. Putting an ad on the search engine can generate an amazing amount of traffic and leads. The results for ‘Car Detailing Services’ query showed the 4-ad block as mentioned below.


This means, although if your website is ranking at #1 position organically, four sponsored results would be above your website.

Further, nearly 60 percent of searches now come from mobile devices. If you are finding information from the mobile device, you have to scroll twice to reach to ‘Organic Listing’.

The intent is clear that you should spare some bucks for paid advertising to reach to your target audience & generate some inquiries or leads.

2. Paid listing on Google Local 3-pack

Google have reduced the number of listings on the local pack from 7 to just 3. The local business’ listing on Google would feature one paid result and two organic results. This is a great way for newbies to get ahead of the competitors and reach to their prospects. These ads seem very much similar to the location related mobile ads by Google.

Now anyone can pay and get listed at the top of search results for local businesses in people’s smartphones. Clearly, you would need to spend some bucks to be on the top.

3. Cost effective PPC ads on Google, Facebook and Twitter

One absolute necessity for good sales is the genuine traffic on your site. And in the hardcore competition, the only way around is PPC ads. For PPC ads, you only need to pay if the customer clicks on the ad, but still, your ad can be seen by a huge number of people. And the effectiveness of PPC ads is very high too. PPC ads on the top social media platforms and search engines can bring in quality traffic and boost sales.

4. Targeted audience for PPC ads

As according to the, you can decide who will see your PPC ads according to the

  • keywords searched by the user,
  • location and input language of the user,
  • the device used by the user, and
  • browsing history

Show your ad to the right people at the right time – this is the secret of PPC Ads.

This feature would allow you to promote your business to a very specific target audience, with high-cost effectiveness and ROI.

5. Your own customized ad style

You can create your own style or you can select from the presets for AdWords content to make your text ads more appealing. Google now allows you to choose font type, title’s color and text’s color, to get maximum attention.

The new ad styles would give the ads a greater charm and prominence on the SERPs. And you can control how text ads will look on your site.

6. Exposure through social networks

Social networks are the place where people love to hang out for hours. Apart from the search engines, people use social media platforms extensively for searching products and services. Also, people consider the social networks as the best way to get contests, offers, and discount coupons.

Maintaining presence and advertising on social media gives your business a great exposure.

7. Social media connectivity

Social media has become the primary mode of communication in the recent times. It creates a one to one connect between the customer and the business.

People use social media platforms as a credible source of information and also an outlet to communicate with the company. Through social media, you can respond quickly to the queries and even forge a strong bond with your customers.

Utilizing the latest features on various social media platforms, you can strengthen the brand image and establish trust in the audience’s mind.

8. Affiliate marketers for your brand

Nothing is as trustworthy as the reviews from people you know personally. This is a unique tool through which you can put your own personalized communication channel, right in the middle of the target group.

Most of the eCommerce giants know the power of this platform which is evident from looking at Flipkart, Amazon, and even Microsoft have launched their affiliate programs.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone because the affiliates also get a commission as per the quantum of leads generated. The affiliates would advocate your brand through their own communication channels and this personalized approach can yield amazing returns for your brand.

9. Affiliate marketers for your brand

Emails are the most trusted way of communication compared to the IM/ SMS/ Social Media communication. Emails establish authenticity for any brand because of the personalized message.

Just like social media and search engines, email marketing gives you a parallel platform with its own unique audience base. And these campaigns are much more cost effective compared to others.

Bulk email campaign would give sue shot recognition to your brand, and build an atmosphere of curiosity around.

10. Manage the online reputation

ORM is really important for tackling the competition and staying ahead in the race. Managing your online reputation effectively, would surely result in a bigger customer base on the long run.

Publishing press releases, astroturfing on the third party websites, Adding references on other websites, publishing testimonials and other strategic content, censoring copyrighted or negative content, etc. are the methods to portray a positive online reputation.

A lot of online sales are influenced by one particular feature – the reviews. People tend to trust other people’s reviews and ratings on your products or service and if neglected, bad reviews can cripple your business prospects. With proper ORM mechanism in place, your brand can achieve a quality customer base and enhanced prospects.


Organic SEO is effective but in the times of cut-throat competition and corporate giants, it is not the weapon that will win you the war on its own. Businesses are increasingly looking for expanding their online presence through ads and sponsored content. Compared to the search engines, social networks show better click through rate. And most of the businesses think Online Advertisements are cheaper way than traditional advertising.

SearchNative is the Digital Marketing service provider with thorough expertise in boosting a brand through search engines and social networks. Give your brand the SearchNative Advantage. Please do let us know if this information was useful for your business and do share your views in the comments.

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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