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The Spirit of a Sportsman: One of the most important corporate skills
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Chint-Gulmohar Greens Cricket Carnival

For long we have been taught that working and playing are two totally unrelated side of life. In kindergarten, the children sing,

“Work while you work and play while you play, this is the way to be happy each day”

But as far as I have observed, apart from physical fitness, sports are necessary to learn some brilliant life lessons.

This is why I have always stressed upon the need of including sports and yoga in the work culture of SearchNative – one of India’s ‘10 best startups in Sales & Marketing’.

Sportsmanship is being a fair player who respects the rules of the game as well as the opponents. Playing sports gives us so many amazing qualities such as persistence, courage, decision making, and self-restraint.

I really believe that all the organizations should include sports and fitness activities in their work culture at some level. Sports are the best way to learn, while having fun.

Therefore at SearchNative, we actively engage in supporting sports. And especially cricket because I have been an ardent fan of the game since my school days.

SearchNative is so much proud to be associated with the ‘Chint-Gulmohar Greens Cricket Carnival’ as the Official Trophy Sponsor for the tournament. We have always been there to support such good initiatives because we believe it helps us grow as an organization…

…and we thank Gulmohar Greens for organizing such a fun event.


Don’t just play, be the game changer!

Be the game changer

We participated in the event with the motto ‘Be the game changer’. It created a strange surge of energy inside us all. We congratulate team Surfex International XI & Gems Genesis XI for reaching to the finale of the tournament.

And we give our best wishes to all the participants as well as the organizers for such a wonderful time. Events like ‘Chint-Gulmohar Greens Cricket Carnival’ are so much essential in our regular day to day, busy schedule.

With a positive outlook and persistence, people can accomplish so much in their personal, as well as professional life. All organizations should establish a calendar of sports and fitness activities for the employees. It would give them amazing long-term results, says my personal experience.


Abhishek Paliwal
Director – SearchNative


AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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