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The Story of Life: A journey from Dream and Hope, to Success!
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The Story Of Life

I meet a lot of people and I travel extensively because it gives a unique sense of existence. And it also makes us understand our place in the universe. It’s such a huge world and there are scores of other people, animals, and birds growing along with us!

Being a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’, I feel inspired by their lives, persistence, and wisdom.

I see Nature as the creator of the most amazing success story – The Story of Life!


  • Learn The Reality!

learn the reality

It is the lack of knowledge that drags people away from their goals. Remember, every problem has a solution. If you don’t know the solution, maybe you’ll have to learn it. Be learned and wise. Think why we humans have a special place among others?


  • Begin Today, Now!

begin today now

Procrastinating is the worst thing that you’ll do to yourself. We always have that time and energy to utilize the resources and attain success. But that is possible only if you start working religiously. The world will not wait for you.


  • Always Be Inspired!

Always be inspired

Don’t wait for someone to come to teach you and give you inspiration. It is you who should be exploring and seeking inspiration. It could be anything, a spiritual guru, or a bird soaring in the sky. Inspiration will take you forward on your journey.


  • Follow Your Passion!

follow your passion

Without a passion for life, you may never feel that ultimate thrill of success. We can have a thousand dreams and desires but it the one irresistible passion which takes us to our destiny. Find out your passion and pursue it no matter what happens!


  • Maintain Discipline!

maintain discipline

It doesn’t matter how great your principles are and how excellent ideas you have, it requires a rock-solid dedication and discipline in your life, to succeed. All the dreams and hopes will take you there, if you can work with discipline and dedication.


  • Define Your Goals!

define your goals

Not like a random ‘New-year Resolution’, you must have quantifiable targets to be achieved within the stipulated deadline. You must channelize your energy and work towards achieving the goals. It provides the ultimate satisfaction to your inner self.


  • Be Positive & Agile!

be positive and agile

Every opportunity requires to be worked upon, the results don’t just fall in your way! Working with the positive attitude helps a lot in maintaining the momentum and it also infuses agility in the people working along with you. It becomes an unbeatable force.


  • Stay Fit & Healthy!

stay fit and healthy

After all the deliberations on dreams and attitude, there is one more factor which is very important. It is your health! Spend enough time to nurture and strengthen your body, every day. Because the success is worthless if you cannot celebrate it.


  • Be Humble & Respectful!

be humble and respectful

Socio-economic status and wealth are not the only parameters to judge any person. Respect others and their traditions, be humble and helpful to others. The ‘Karma’ works in strange ways. What you give, eventually gets back to you.


  • Live A Happy Life!

live a happy life
Life is a very precious gift that has been given to us. It is not meant just for wealth creation and accumulation. However successful one could be, if there is not a family to share this success, it is worthless. Spend time with the people you like the most, they will be the greatest support whenever you’ll need.

Success boosts your energy and empowers you to achieve even more. I believe in the philosophy that ‘Live for your dreams, don’t just live your dreams.’ Our dreams and passion push us to a new level of success. But if you achieve something and start living in a fantasy world with a superlative attitude, the success would soon fizzle out.

Here at SearchNative, we have established a working system that empowers all the employees to achieve what they seek from their future. With coherence and co-operation, like a family, we pursue the knowledge and our goals as an organization. That is why work is no more a burden and life is no more stressful here.

I hope you get success in all your endeavors.

Keep dreaming, keep working, keep living!

AUTHOR: Abhishek Paliwal

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