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Why Ecommerce Requires Mobile App - SearchNative
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Why Ecommerce Required Mobile App


Since the technology is expanding itself in all the areas, E-commerce is adapting to the latest technology to update itself. It seems yesterday’s brick-and-mortar stores have stood up as E-commerce companies. These E-commerce companies are readily switching to mobile apps from websites. This has laid scope for the increase in Android app Development Company in India which are ready to hire Indian app developers.

As per the reports of Forbes, over four billion of world population of 7.6 billion are using Internet. Among them, there has been a hike in the number of mobile phone users of 62.5 percent of the world population.

There are basically 8 reasons to why E-commerce businesses need mobile apps. These are listed below:

More Personalized User Experience

Personalization is making one-to-one connection with the users. This can be done on the basis of the users’ personal choice, usage, interest, behavior and the like parameters. Thus, the mobile app should provide the services to the user on his/her preference. In fact, the user can opt for the preferred categories and apply filters according to his/her interest and get notified whenever those preferences are met.


Push Notifications

In any kind of business, communication plays an important role. Usually, some businesses send e-mails as a way to communicate with their customers. But the disadvantage of this is that this is a one-way communication and the user perception may be different. And now when it’s the era of instant messaging, there are only few users who would prefer e-mails to get notified about any new service or product. For this, mobile apps come with push notifications. These push notifications keep the user updated with any product or service or even information about offers.


Prefer Mobile Over Desktop

Flurry conducted an experiment in America that showed an average mobile user spends more than 2 hours per day on mobile apps. With “Go-Digital” campaign, technology has become a necessity. The users want to be updated and the best way is mobiles because mobiles are portable in nature as well as are light-weighted. Thus, today users prefer mobiles over desktop.


Customer Relationship Management

As discussed earlier, one-way communication is somewhat a bad option when one is dealing with something like E-commerce. Mobile apps help in providing two-way communication, that is, customer can directly contact the customer care for any information at anytime from anywhere. The users can switch on the instant messaging feature to remain updated with all that’s buzzing in the organization.


Speedy Transactions

As compared to traditional transaction way, mobile apps provide relatively easier as well as quicker way of completing the transactions. This is because the mobile apps are backed up with dynamic user interface, easy navigation along with simple checkout process.


Emerge as a Brand

In the cut-throat competition, it is necessary to come up as a brand in the market and for that, mobile app is the best option available. Developing a mobile app for the business is highly profitable because customers can be easily attracted by superb graphics backed up with vibrant colors. The mobile app can act as a promoter for the business and help in customer attention and customer retention.


Adapt to the features of Smartphone

Today, smartphones come with a lot of features like camera, contact list, calculator, GPS, compass and the like. So, an ideal mobile app which adapts to these features can provide a rich user-experience.


Bring traffic to Website

The best mobile app is the one which can easily synchronize the app with the website. This will help to get good traffic to the website as well. Thus, connectivity of the mobile app with the website is necessary.

AUTHOR: Gautam Sharma

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